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Azienda Agricola Collemucioli grew out of passion, in the ancient countryside crossed by the Via Francigena, the fruit of a land that binds the past to the present, retaining old-fashioned values and flavours, renewing them with the desire for constant improvement. Collemucioli was born out of the love that our family handed down through the generations with its hard work, and is now run by Nico Mugnaini Collemucioli in a combination of tradition and innovation. Collemucioli is located on the slopes surrounding the splendid towers of San Gimignano, overlooking the world, on land that has always borne good fruit, blessed by the breath of a sacred temple, the Sanctuary of Pancole, which it admires undisturbed from its hillside. Our vines, our olive trees are the real treasure of our estate; our work is its guardian and faithful servant.

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Loc. Celole, 66 53037 San Gimignano (SI)

347 1802234

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