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The GUIDI FAMILY has been working in the wine industry for four generations, since 1929, and still manifests its distinctive character today: that of a family business, with know-how that has been accumulated and handed down from father to son year by year. This winery in San Gimignano makes distinctive and elegant wines, produced by expert hands and characterised by extreme attention to the search for the finest quality.

Our wines tell the story of our life and our passion, and are an expression of the family’s thoughts and taste, characterised by their elegance, drinkability, freshness, cleanliness and respect for the distinctive features handed down to us.
Every day, the family works with its entire staff to promote its style and its name, together with that of Tuscany and Italy, throughout the world, because after all, loving wine has always meant sharing it with everyone.

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Loc. Castagnolo 53037 San Gimignano (SI)

0577 936356

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