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Pietraserena occupies the two slopes of the hill situated to the north-northeast in San Gimignano. In 1966 it was quite small, covering about 7 hectares, but then it incorporated neighbouring and bordering plots of land until it reached its present size of about 40 hectares. Thirty of these are planted with vines and the remainder with olive groves and coppice. Being in the heart of the municipality of San Gimignano, the main grape variety in the beginning was of course Vernaccia di San Gimignano, the first wine to obtain DOC status in Italy.

Sangiovese was planted later, and our winery uses this grape to make the most representative “cru” wines, Caulio and Poggio al Vento. For four generations we have entrusted all our hopes and expectations and used all our determination to fulfil a family project that has been passed down from father to son to the present day.

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