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Our story began in 1826…

At that time, the Giannelli family ran a small farm with vineyards, olive groves and livestock in San Benedetto. The name of this farm was “podere Casaccia”, and it was managed under the old sharecropping system until the 1960s, when brothers Dario and Giuseppe and their sons decided to buy the first piece of land. It was on this very piece of land that the first part of the winery was built in 1975 under the name Azienda Agricola Giannelli; the years went by and the estate gradually expanded, with new vineyards, a bigger cellar and modern equipment. The company changed its name to Azienda Agricola San Benedetto in 1998: Giovanni, Andrea and Marco work with the same passion as ever to produce high-quality wines.

Every day, for as long as we can remember, we have been committed to respecting the bond we have with the land, cherishing and caring for it, in the knowledge that the future depends on what we do today and what we have learned from the past.

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San Benedetto

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