The Consortium


The Consorzio del Vino Vernaccia di San Gimignano was set up in 1972 with the aim of protecting and promoting the image of Vino Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Italy’s first DOC wine, both in Italy and throughout the world. Since 1996, it has also protected and promoted San Gimignano DOC wines.
In 2022, 80 producers, representing 88% of the area’s vineyards, are members of the Consortium, 64 of whom release their wines onto the market with their own labels.


The Consortium is the legal expression of the Community of Winegrowers of San Gimignano.
Determined and tenacious men and women who have recognised the Consortium’s tasks of protecting, monitoring, promoting and appreciating those wines that for centuries have been born there and only there, in the heart of Tuscany and only in San Gimignano, and that manage to delight all those who taste them.


The Consortium protects its Appellations with a series of projects aimed at the continuous improvement of the winegrowing sector.
It is an activator of possible synergies and collective strategies aimed at promoting environmental sustainability. It organises training activities and interacts with the public authorities to exchange information on the needs of the wine sector and to seek synergies and support in the development of sustainability policies.

Staff organisation chart

The Board of Directors is elected by the General Assembly every three years and consists of 13 members, representing all production categories (winegrowers, winemakers and bottlers) of the protected Appellations.


The Consortium has its headquarters in San Gimignano, in the historic and hilly Tuscan city of towers, in the central point of the territory from which all the protected wines originate, in other words, in the “Kingdom of the White Queen”.